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4 Seat Rattan Dining Sets

4 Seat Rattan Dining Sets for Sale in Glasgow

At Furniture Alfresco in Glasgow, we sell an extensive range of 4 seat Rattan Dining Sets made from either maze rattan or poly-wood rattan with a variety of tones tailored to your requirements and style.

An excellent buy and one of our best sellers, The Maze Rattan Balcony Cube Set is available in both 2 seater or 4 seater sizes and adds a personal, convivial note to your garden or conservatory. Compact and ingeniously designed, the Maze Rattan Cube Set takes up very little space and really does fit the bill for your balcony as the name suggests.

From the distinguished Norfolk Leisure range, The Riva 4 Seater Rattan Dining Set exudes luxury and finesse, featuring a robust Riva Table with grey wash finish to reflect the natural colour change seen in teak furniture. The table perfectly complements our wicker Elias chairs.

Free delivery applies to our 4 seat rattan dining set range and selected products come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.
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Andreas 4 Seater Poly-Wood Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £569.00
Our Price: £475.00
Save ££££
Apollo 4 Seat Poly-Wood Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £515.00
Our Price: £515.00
Save ££££
Alonso 4 Seater Square Rattan Poly-wood Set
RRP: £679.00
Our Price: £569.00
Save ££££
Cassius 4 Seat Round Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £579.00
Our Price: £489.00
Save ££££
Diego 4 Seat Round Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £619.00
Our Price: £529.00
Save ££££
Maze Rattan 4 Seat Texas Square Dining Set
RRP: £749.00
Our Price: £649.00
Save ££££
Maze Rattan 4 Seater LA Round Table Furniture Set
RRP: £699.00
Our Price: £649.00
Save ££££
Juliana 4 Seater Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £739.00
Our Price: £669.00
Save ££££
Maze Rattan 4 Seater Texas Round Table Set + Parasol
RRP: £749.00
Our Price: £699.00
Save ££££
Maze rattan Balcony Cube Set 2 & 4 Seater
RRP: £549.00
Our Price: £499.00
Save ££££
Leonardo 4 Seater Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £799.00
Our Price: £729.00
Save ££££
Maze Rattan Furniture 4 Seat LA Square Table Set Parasol
RRP: £749.00
Our Price: £599.00
Save ££££
Maze Rattan Winchester 4 Seat Round Armchair Set
RRP: £999.00
Our Price: £799.00
Save ££££
Norfolk Leisure  Riva 1.3m Rattan Dining Set
RRP: £2,319.00
Our Price: £1,999.00
Save ££££
Norfolk Leisure Ambrosia Rattan 4 Seater Dining Set
RRP: £1,240.00
Our Price: £1,049.00
Save ££££
Maze Rattan 4 Seater LA Round Dining Set Mixed Grey
RRP: £749.00
Our Price: £649.00
Save ££££

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